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Written by Kieran Proctor

Tattoos And Piercings In Bogotá Colombia (2024)



Tattoo And Piercing In Bogotá Colombia

If you’re looking to get a tattoo or piercing while in Bogotá there’s one mall in Veracruz (Santa Fe) that deserves an honorable mention. It’s the Vía Libre mall on the corner of Carrera 19 & Calle 5.

The Vía Libre mall is where I took my Colombian girlfriend to get her ‘medusa’ piercing. And it’s where I’ve been going to check out the local tattoo talent and get my own supplies. Here’s what I’ve discovered while chasing tattoos and piercings all over Bogotá.

Can I get Tattooed In Bogotá?

Tattoos and piercings are actually quite common in Bogotá and Colombia more generally. Which comes as no surprise to me given tattoos are also common in neighboring Peru and in Argentina. And just like Peru there are some exceptional tattoo artists in Colombia. But also a lot of scratchers.

With that said, if you do your research and find a reputable studio and artist, you can get some amazing tattoos in Colombia. Particularly in Bogotá and Medellín.

In Bogotá and throughout Colombia, tattoo artists seem to be congregated into malls. You will often find them clustered together. And where you find one tattoo or piercing shop in Bogotá you will likely find dozens of other studios.

Before getting a tattoo in Bogotá you should walk around and inspect the studio and look at the artists work. If a particular studio or tattooist isn’t clean or skilled in the style of tattoo you’re searching for, visit all the other studios in the vicinity.

Are tattoos okay in Colombia?

Tattoos in Colombia range from excellent through to horrific. The quality of tattoo you get in Colombia will be entirely determined by the quality of the artist and studio.

The training, equipment, inks and health standards in Colombia are world class. But whether an artist is qualified and whether the studio is reputable will vary between shops. If price is your only consideration when getting a tattoo in Colombia, you could easily wind up with something you regret.

Are tattoos cheap in Colombia?

Tattoos in Colombia can be expensive and they can be so cheap it’s ludicrous. But price should never be you’re deciding factor when getting a tattoo anywhere in the world.

Price is also relative to where you’re coming from. For a local Colombian in Bogotá tattoos are expensive. Yet, tattoos in Bogotá are often 25-40% cheaper than the United States. However, just like the United States and elsewhere in the world, it’s customary to tip your tattoo artist.

If you’re wanting to build rapport with your artist and are considering future tattoos I would recommend tipping more in Colombia than you would in the United States. When you’ve found a great artist and they’ve gone above and beyond to give you a tattoo you’ll love for years to come, tip them well.

Where can I get a tattoo in Bogota?

The best tattoo shops in Bogotá Colombia that I’ve found are in the Vía Libre mall on the corner of Carrera 19 & Calle 5. If you’re considering getting a tattoo in Bogotá I would strongly suggest you start your search in Vía Libre.

The Vía Libre mall is where I took my Colombian girlfriend to get her medusa piercing. And it’s where I got my stretchers and where I’ll get my next tattoo.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo or piercing in Colombia?

In Colombia, the legal age to get a tattoo or piercing is 18. But with parental consent, individuals as young as 16 can get a tattoo or piercing.

Where Can I Get More Information On Bogotá?

I’ve made my Bogotá Colombia City Guide available on my other website. And I would recommend you read it before traveling to Colombia. It will help you navigate Bogotá and Colombian society. Read the Bogotá Colombia City Guide.

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