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Written by Kieran Proctor

Tattoos In Buenos Aires Argentina (2024)



tattoos in Buenos Aires

Tattoos are common in Buenos Aires. And they’re growing in popularity each and every day. Argentine’s take their hobbies and subcultures seriously. Facial tattoos, split tongues and eyeball tattoos are not uncommon in Buenos Aires.

Here’s what you need to know about tattoos in BA (Buenos Aires).

Can I Get Tattooed in Buenos Aires?

You can get tattooed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are large numbers of tattooist in all of the cities 48 suburbs. Though the greatest concentration of tattoo artists is in Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood and Recoleta.

When selecting a tattoo artist in Buenos Aires, it’s extremely important to thoroughly vet the tattooist before booking in for a tattoo session. While there are a handful of extremely talented tattooists in BA, there are a lot of poor quality tattoo artists.

With Argentina’s failing economy, comes a lot of individuals looking to make side incomes or move into cash based roles. And this gives rise to a lot of backyard scratchers, masquerading as professional tattooists.

Tattoos in Buenos Aires can be exceptional. But they can also be utterly terrible and require extensive tattoo cover-ups or expensive laser removal. Choose your tattoo artist wisely. And thoroughly check their online reviews and their portfolios of past works, that are available on Facebook and Instagram.

Do Argentines Like Tattoos?

Tattoos in Buenos Aires are a relatively new phenomenon. It’s only in the last ten (10) to fifteen (15) years that tattoos have risen in popularity in Argentina. Yet, they are now extremely common.

It’s as if there’s been an up-swell of support for tattoos among Argentina’s youth. Tattoos in Buenos Aires are now so common, that it’s part of everyday life to see people with facial tattoos, split tongues or tattooed eyeballs. Particularly around Recoleta and Palermo.

Because tattoos are now so common in Argentina, it has actually become uncommon for people to notice them. I’ve spent a few years living in Buenos Aires. And nobody ever really paid much attention to my tattoos. Which was a welcome change from Cuba.

On the whole, the youth of Argentina love tattoos. While the older generation of Argentines will barely notice you at all, even if you have extensive tattoos. There are no negative connotations like criminality associated with tattoos in Argentina.

Palermo Soho T-Shirt - Tattoo Vagabond
Palermo Soho graffiti tee.

What is The Legal Age To Get A Tattoo In Argentina?

The legal age to get a tattoo or piercing in Argentina is 18. Though some minors can get tattoos as young as 16 years of age with parental consent.

Where To Get Tattooed In Buenos Aires Argentina?

My favorite shopping mall in Buenos Aires is Galeria Bond Street in Recoleta. Particularly if you want a glimpse of just how far down the subculture rabbit hole, one can go in BA.

Galeria Bond Street is a block from El Ateneo Grand Splendid (the world’s most beautiful bookshop) and it’s a 5 story shopping mall, filled with the edgiest tattoo parlors in town. It’s where you can find everything from Hello Kitty, through to stores stocking Hardcore bondage apparel.

The entire inside of the shopping mall is one large graffiti zone. And there are always street artists working on different walls inside the mall.

Just walking around, inside Bond Street, is an experience in itself. You’ll get to see just how seriously Argentines take their hobbies and subcultures. With everything from goth, punk, skate, grunge and more on display in Galeria Bond Street.

Galeria Bond Street Argentina

Street Art in Buenos Aires?

Street art is common in Buenos Aires. So common in fact, that there are organized tours all over the city. The facade of virtually every building in Buenos Aires, has some form of street art or graffiti.

Yet, it’s the huge graffiti murals that are Buenos Aires real draw card for the lovers of street art. In Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho, Villa Crespo and Recoleta, there are huge street masterpieces on the sides of high rise buildings.

After visiting Galeria Bond Street and seeing the street artists at work there, or after getting tattooed in Buenos Aires, I would advise any visitor to BA to walk around and checkout the street art. Because, some of the graffiti murals are quite fascinating. And many have intriguing political messages.

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