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Editorial Guidelines

Our Principles

Every piece of content on is conceived and created with three core principles in mind: 

  • Our readers and customers come first: Every article on this site is publish with the intention of helping you feel more confident in your body modification journey. Our stories are inspired by your feedback (drop us a note through this site or follows on Instagram), as well as the latest tattoo and piercing breakthroughs, product discoveries, style trends and more.
  • Reliable information is power: All our articles are written and fact checked by authors who have actual experience. When we’re writing about a particular style of tattoo the author will have that tattoo and the article will be fact checked by an experienced tattoo collector, a tattooist and a medical professional (dermatologist etc.). We will never publish a storey if the author does not have real world first hand experience. And we will never publish a storey if it has not been fact checked by a professional with real word qualifications. Where possible we will always link to reliable scientific journals and authorities sites, even if they are our competitors. 
  • Content without clickbait: There are a lot of worthless pages on the internet with clickbait titles, AI generated nonsensical content or content written by internet messiahs who are just regurgitating the same old bullsh*t that’s on every other website. We won’t do that. We won’t publish anything that doesn’t have real content behind the title. And we won’t publish anything that we don’t believe our readers will benefit from. The internet is full enough, it doesn’t need more rubbish and so we won’t create clickbait. 


Every article on is fact checked before publication and held to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Our content is not only written by authors who have real world experience. Every article published is first fact checked by credentialed professionals with real world experience.

Everything in our articles gets checked by tattooists, body piercers, health professionals (dermatologists etc.) and our head fact checker who’s a former federal government medicines and medical devices regulator. Review Board

The review board is comprised of over 15 professional tattooists, body piercers, health professionals and compliance professionals. Our tattooists have a combined 117 years of tattooing experience in more than 9 countries. Our lead reviewer on body piercing has more than 40 years experience.

We believe in a diversity of medical opinions and we will ask different health professionals with which we have no relationship to weigh in on each article where needed. And finally, all articles must pass Kieran, our primary author and chief fact checker who is a former senior advertising compliance officer for a federal governments medicines and medical devices regulator. 

Kieran - author - tattoovagabond and inlovelyblue
Kieran – The primary author and chief fact checker for

Writers And Sources

All articles on will at all times be written by qualified individuals with real world experience.

Have you ever read an article on a competitors website about a particular style of tattoo only to then see that not only does the author not have the style of tattoo they’re writing about, but they have no tattoos at all? Yeah, that won’t happen on this website.

All our authors must have first hand experience of what they’re writing about or we simply won’t publish their article. All the sources our authors cite in their articles will always be of the highest quality and we preference scientific publications where they exist. 

Corrections And Content Quality Updates

Information can and does change. We adapt to change and regularly review and update all our articles when new information or better products and techniques emerge.

We encourage our readers to contact us if they see something that they believe is wrong or out of date. By fact checking us they’re not only helping, but the wider community of readers that use our site as a trusted resource.

If you see something on this website that you believe needs correction or updating, you can contact us through this website or via Instagram. Our aim is to remain a trusted and helpful resource for the tattoo community. 

Editorial Ethics

From time to time our authors and editorial team will work with particular artists and tattoo product companies. We get tattooed and pierced a lot. It’s inevitable that we’re going to be deep in the industry and that’s what gives us our unique first hand experiences to write about. But where we have a relationship with an artist, shop or a company we will call this out in the article.

We don’t produce content aimed to sell you junk. We produce content to entertain and inform our readers. And we always aim to be a trusted helpful resource for the tattoo community.

To do this, if an article mentions a product or artist the relationship between the author and the product or service will be clearly stated in the article. So our readers can always make their own informed choice knowing how and why we’ve mentioned that product or artist. 

Product Reviews

Part of our mission at is to review products and give you an unbiased assessment of particular products and services. We do this in order to make your tattoo and piercing journey easier and more enjoyable.

We either personally test, or have trusted contributors test, everything we recommend on this site. We will not recommend a product we haven’t tested or had tested by our own people on our behalf.

If you visit a link to a product in one of our articles we may receive a commission. But we will never take compensation for editorial consideration. We won’t recommend a product simply because it pays.

Our product recommendations are purely editorial. However occasionally brands and PR agencies will send us products for editorial consideration. But our thoughts and opinions are our own. We can’t be bought. 

Submitting An Article For Publication On

If you would like to submit an article for publication on, you must first contact us with your proposed article and the website domain you would like us to credit (i.e. link back to).

For publication, all articles must be a minimum of 500 words and include 2 or more unique images. The articles submitted for publication must be well written, unique and plagiarism free. All articles submitted for publication must be professionally written by credible and knowledgeable authors with real world experience.

Once received, we will read and fact-check the article. And we will inspect the domain that you would like us to credit. We will not respond to contact from webmasters with spammy domains, who are simply seeking SEO backlinks. We do not accept articles with affiliate links. And we will not respond to any article enquiries that are not directly related to tattoos and piercings.

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