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Written by Kieran

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream | Tested on Blackout Sleeve

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Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

In the summer of 2021 I traveled from Australia to Germany to have a negative space blackout full sleeve done on my right arm.

Having sat through my first full sleeve, the solid color sleeve on my left arm, I knew how much pain I was in for when he got to my elbow, ante cubital fossa and my armpit region.

It was going to hurt like a m*ther f*cker!

elbow and armpit tattoo
He loves tattooing armpits and elbows.

My artist does fantastic work. But damn he’s painful. When he told me that his usual tattoo gun wasn’t powerful enough and wasn’t big enough for a black sleeve, I started to panic.

He then wheeled out a tattoo gun that looked and sounded like a miniature chainsaw. I almost booked my ticket home right then and there to avoid it.

The thought of letting my artist, who loves tattooing elbows and armpits, near me with that tattoo gun was a nope.

Luckily he suggested trying a tattoo numbing cream. And we ended up trying 4 creams in total. But I’m only going to discuss one of these tattoo numbing creams here. Because I don’t want to get sued by the other 3 that didn’t work.

The cream I used for the bulk of my tattoo sleeve and that I would highly recommend that everyone try is from Tattoo Numbing Cream Co.

Does the Numbing Cream work? | Tattoo Numbing Cream Co.

The numbing cream produced by Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. worked perfectly and made the most painful spots completely pain free.

Used on the most painful spots to tattoo including the elbow, ante cubital fossa and the armpit; the Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. cream removed the pain and reduced the swelling that is normally seen when tattooing those regions.

I sat like a rock during my long tattoo sessions while using their tattoo numbing cream. I even nodded off while my tattooist was doing the inside of my bicep.

negative space blackout tattoo in progress

What did it feel like getting tattooed with the tattoo numbing cream?

Spots that were extremely painful without tattoo numbing cream were completely numb with the numbing cream. Some were even pleasurable and felt like a massage.

The numbing cream took away the sharp pain. I could feel the pressure from the tattoo gun and the vibration, but not the sharp pain associated with the needles.

It felt more like my tattooist was pressing on me with a dull vibrating instrument. Not a sharp needle.

Getting tattooed while using this numbing cream was weirdly like getting a massage, not a tattoo.

antecubital fossa tattoo
Negative space blackout sleeve.

Would I recommend tattoo numbing creams? 

I would absolutely recommend using a tattoo numbing cream. I’ve previously done the most painful spots without tattoo creams. I’ve sat through the pain before. But it doesn’t make you tougher if you sit through your tattoo session without a numbing cream.

Tattoos needn’t be brutal.

I would recommend everyone try a tattoo numbing cream. And if you use one that actually works you’ll never go back.

I wasted time, pain and a little money trying other creams first. Mainly because I could just buy them over the counter and didn’t need to order online. And they didn’t work.

If these defective creams were my only experience of numbing products I’d have written them all off as junk. Luckily I found one that works.

Skip straight to the tattoo numbing cream that works. Use the numbing cream by Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. and order it online here – 

tattoo numbing cream

What is in Tattoo Numbing Cream?

The product from Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. contains Lidocaine (5%), Prilocaine (5%) and Epinephrine (1%).

Lidocaine and Prilocaine are the active numbing ingredients and the Epinephrine reduces swelling and makes it more effective.

The inclusion of Epinephrine is particularly useful around areas like the armpits and elbows that will begin to swell the second the tattoo needle meets skin.

If you use the cream by Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. with its Lidocaine (5%), Prilocaine (5%) and Epinephrine (1%) you’ll get through your long tattoo sessions while sitting like a rock.

Grab yourself some today –

blackout tattoo using numbing cream

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