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Vagabond. Noun: leading an unsettled, irresponsible, or disreputable life. Vagabond. is a lifestyle and apparel store for tattooists and tattooed people everywhere.

We not only produce and ship dope merch, globally, we also strive to produce engaging content. We’ll not only improve your style, we’ll give you a laugh doing it.

If you like your music loud, coffee hot, tattoos black and graffiti colourful, we’re the store for you.

Tattoo Vagabond Authors

Kieran Proctor

Kieran has been traveling and collecting tattoos from all over the world for the better part of 20 years. He’s a former government worker who became a travel blogger and digital nomad, living all over the globe. Kieran is the owner and primary author of this website ( He either writes or fact checks every article on this website.

Kieran has been tattooed in Australia, Argentina, Germany, Peru, Colombia and a bunch of other countries during his travels. He’s heavily tattooed and is easily identified by his distinctive tattoo sleeves. Particularly his negative space blackout tattoo sleeve that he acquired from his Peruvian tattoo artist in Germany.

As a tattoo collector, digital nomad and travel blogger, Kieran writes for this website ( and for his travel blog ( On his travel blog, you can read about Kieran’s travels around the world. And for those of you interested in Kieran’s academic and professional qualifications, you can visit Kieran’s professional profile on LinkedIn.

If you’ve got a tattoo or travel related question, you can have Kieran answer them on Quora. Kieran’s a regulator contributor to travel and tattoo threads on Quora.

Recent Media Appearances For

Kieran recently appeared on NBC, talking about ‘tattoo tourism‘, with Melody Mendez. You can see the full interview on NBC Boston or in the video below.

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