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Written by Kieran Proctor

Tattoos In Germany (2024)



tattoos in Germany

Having had my left sleeve tattooed in Peru, I had my right sleeve tattooed in Germany. Traveling for tattoos, or engaging in ‘tattoo tourism‘, can give you access to a much larger selection of artists. And often those tattooists are better than the ones in your home town.

Traveling to Germany for my negative space blackout sleeve, allowed me to get a better full custom piece than I would have been able to find in my home town. Tattoos in Germany come in all different colors and sizes. But what Germany does have in particular, are some fantastic artists specialized in blackwork.

Here’s what you need to know about tattoos in Germany.

Can I get tattooed In Germany?

You absolutely can and should get tattooed in Germany if you have the opportunity. The professionalism among tattooists in Germany is extremely high.

Tattoo artists take their craft seriously in Germany and many are specialized in a particular style (black work, traditional, trash polka, fine line etc.). And it’s important in Germany to find a tattoo artist that is specialized in the style of tattoo you’re looking to get.

I always seek out tattooists who specialize in the style of tattoo that I want to get. And I’d never consider forcing an artist to complete a tattoo that isn’t of interest to them. When I get a tattoo I want the artists to be happy with the finished product too.

When choosing the best tattoo artist for you, your decision should never be based on price. Particularly in Germany where prices can range from cheap to mega dollars. When choosing a tattoo artist and studio in Germany, you should always choose one whose own style and method aligns most clearly with what you want.

Can I use A Tattoo Numbing Cream In Germany?

I trialed a few different tattoo numbing creams in Germany. And you can read about the only tattoo numbing cream that actually worked for me. It’s the only tattoo numbing cream I now use and recommend.

As for the artists in Germany permitting the use of numbing products, I had no objections from my own tattoo artist. Because I sat still for longer than any of his other clients when using the cream. His coworkers even seemed impressed by the cream (and his work).

You will find most artists in Germany have no problem permitting the use of tattoo numbing products. As long as it is a tattoo specific numbing cream with a good reputation. Unknown generic creams are likely to be viewed with skepticism, as the artists won’t know if the generic products will interfere with their work.

Mad Rabbit Numbing Cream
The tattoo numbing cream I used in Germany

Are Tattoo Shops In Germany Clean And Safe?

In no other country in the world have I smelt so much disinfectant in use in a tattoo store. Walking into the average tattoo shop in Germany you’ll often be impressed with just how clean German tattoo studios are.

Germany has stringent health regulations and regular spot checks. Tattoo parlors that do not adhere to the German health code are quickly shut down.

Germany is even leading the way on testing and regulating tattoo inks. Though this has divided artists in the German tattoo community. With some artists supporting the legislation and others against it.

When choosing a tattoo shop in Germany you just need to look around at the tattoo shop. If the studio looks clean, smells of disinfectant and all the staff are using disposable needles, autoclaves, wrapping their tools and wearing gloves, you’re safe. You don’t need to be overly cautious in Germany.

Which German cities Have The Best Tattoo Artists?

You’ll find most of the better tattoo artists in Berlin. Because it’s the capital and largest city. But my own artist was in Bonn Germany.

I would suggest speaking to the stores in the German city you’re visiting. And looking on Instagram for tattoo artists. Because in Germany almost all the artists have online portfolios of their work. Showcasing past tattoos that they have completed for clients.

Don’t lock yourself into a specific German city to get a tattoo. Using a free application like Omio, you can get Deutsche Bahn train tickets cheap. And you can get all over Germany for tattoo appointments relatively quickly by train.

But be sure to book your train ticket at least two (2) weeks in advance. Ideally you’d book your train ticket to your tattoo appointment at the same time you book a session with your preferred tattoo artist. Using Omio you’re not limited in your choice of tattoos in Germany.

Getting my blackout sleeve in Germany

My Favorite Shop For Tattoos In Germany?

My favorite tattoo shop in Germany is in the city of Bonn. It’s Skin Factory and it’s one of the oldest. It’s a well laid out shop with some of the best tattooists and piercers I’ve come across in my travels.

The artist I selected for the negative space blackout sleeve on my right arm was Jimmy. And you can see his works and follow Jimmy (jdavila_artblack) on Instagram.

I wouldn’t hesitate to get another tattoo from Jimmy. And the black out sleeve Jimmy did for me on my right arm gets quite a lot of attention and compliments. I love it. And so does everyone who sees it.

Negative space blackout sleeve tattoos in Germnay
My tattoo sleeves created by my Peruvian artist
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