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Written by Kieran Proctor

Will Tattoo Ink Stain My Clothes?



Tattoo ink will stain light colored clothing. And fresh tattoos will ooze ink and bodily fluid. You should only wear dark colors to a tattoo appointment.

Tattoo ink will stain almost anything it gets onto. And while getting tattooed, you will bleed. Ink mixed with blood will stain most clothing fabrics.

You can often get the stains out of your clothing, by washing your clothes in hot water with bleach. Yet, to be most sure that you won’t ruin your new t-shirt, hoodie or pants, do wear dark colors.

Black, dark blue, navy or dark gray are often the best color options when attending a tattoo appointment. And these colors are the easiest to clean.

But the color you wear to a tattoo session is not the only clothing consideration when getting a new tattoo. The way your clothes fit is also a factor that you should consider.

You should wear loose fitting clothing when getting a tattoo

Clothing may stick to your new tattoo. Your tattooist will wrap your new tattoo, often in cling wrap, to protect your clothing. But this wrapping is only to be used for a short period (few hours), until you get home. And this wrapping does often leak.

When attending your tattoo appointment, you should wear loose fitting clothing. This makes it easier to get your clothes on or off when in the studio.

And you’ll want to wear something that is easy to get back on when you’re sore after your appointment. The tattooed area will be tender and you’ll want something that won’t stick to, or rub on, your new tattoo.

The last thing you’ll want after a tattoo session is tight fitting clothing, that’s difficult to put back on when you’re sore. And when your new tattoo is all covered in plastic wrap.

Tight fitting clothing may also rub on your new tattoo. And until the tattoo has healed, you’ll want to avoid rubbing or scratching the tattoo. Tight fitting clothing can rub or scratch your new tattoo. Doing exactly what your tattooist would be telling you not to do.

Scratching or rubbing a new tattoo may degrade the quality of your tattoo, by rubbing off finer details. Tight fitting clothing can damage a fresh tattoo.

And tight fitting clothing is more likely to stick to your new tattoo. You don’t want to be trying to pick your t-shirt out of your fresh tattoo. Or pick pieces of fabric out of your new tattoo.

Wear dark colored and loose fitting clothing to your tattoo appointment. Don’t wear tight clothing, or faux fur and other fabrics with fibers, that may stick to your new tattoo.

When I get tattooed, I wear pieces of clothing like dark colored, loose fitting, basic t-shirts. We have a buy 3 and get the 4th free basic t-shirt on this site and they are what I wear for my own upper body tattoos.

You should continue to wear dark colored and loose fitting clothing for up to 7-10 days after your tattoo appointment

Your new tattoo will require a constant application of tattoo cream. It will also continue to weep ink and bodily fluids for few days after your tattoo appointment.

The length of time that a new tattoo will take to heal, will depend on its size and the placement of the tattoo. You should be mindful of the fact that you may stain your clothing, days after getting the tattoo. As tattoos do take time to heal. Tattooing is an abrasive process. Your skin will take time to heal.

During this healing process, you should wear dark colored and loose fitting clothing. And be mindful of the towels and bedding you have at home. White towels and white bed sheets are at risk of staining, when you get larger tattoo works done. And fluffy bath towels may give off bits of lint, that get stuck in your new tattoo.

Use darker colored towels, that don’t malt or give off fibers. Use darker bed sheets that are less likely to be stained. 

Bedsheets stained by tattoo ink
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