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Written by Kieran

Should I Follow Tattoo Fashion Trends?


A tattoo lasts much longer than a fashion trend. You should get a tattoo you are happy to wear for years to come. You should not get a specific tattoo because of current fashion trends.

The tattoo you choose to get should be a reflection of you. It should be a reflection of your personality and life.

Getting tattoos because they may be in fashion or in vogue at a particular point in time is a terrible idea.

Just because you saw a particular style of tattoo trending on social media does not mean that you should get that style of tattoo.

Or worse yet, that you should pick a design in that particular trendy style off the wall of a tattoo shop.

Tattoo flash is decoration. It isn’t something you should get put on your body.

I made both the above mistakes when I was a youngster. I jumped on a tattoo trend and I picked a tattoo off the wall of a shop.

But thankfully I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Having jumped on a tattoo fashion trend I found that the trend faded faster than the tattoo healed. The trend was over before the ink dried, so to speak.

Years later I had an exceptional artist create a custom piece for me and blast over that damn trendy fashion tattoo.

And boy am I glad that tattoo I got because I thought it was in fashion, is now gone.

It’s now replaced by a tattoo that reflects me and my style. And replaced by a tattoo I couldn’t care less if its in fashion or not.

People on social media don’t wear your tattoo for the duration of your life. You do.

And you should only get a tattoo that you want and that you’ll be happy to wear for many years to come.

Don’t subscribe to social media peer pressure. Only get a tattoo you’re happy with and that you really want to wear. 

Don’t pick tattoos from flash or off the wall of a tattoo shop

Hundreds and even thousands of people get those same tattoos you see on the wall of a tattoo shop.

You’re unique. Everyone is different. And your tattoo should be unique to you. It should be different. And is should not be a tattoo anyone else has.

Treat tattoo flash as interior decoration. Do not pick a tattoo from flash.

Find an artist that can create a unique tattoo according to your own style and ideas. Have them create a custom tattoo for you.

Because in the end a custom piece that reflects who you are will always be in vogue. A custom tattoo will always be trendy. A custom tattoo will always be in fashion.

The other mistake I often see is tattoo placement. 

Don’t get your first tattoos on your face, neck or hands

Start your tattoo journey somewhere less obtrusive. Get your first few tattoos somewhere easy and somewhere the tattoo won’t immediately effect your life.

This is a big mistake I often see among youngsters just starting their tattoo journey.

They’ve seen someone with a facial tattoo or neck tattoo on social media and they want to jump on the bandwagon and follow the trend.

But they haven’t yet picked a direction in life. And they haven’t had many tattoos before. They have little life experience. But they go straight for the life altering placement.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen some amazing facial tattoos and amazing tattoos on necks and hands. But the people who get good facial tattoos know what they’re doing. It isn’t their first tattoo.

At the beginning of your tattoo journey a face, neck or hand tattoo is a terrible idea. You don’t know what you’re doing or even what to expect.

It’s fine to start with larger tattoos. In fact it’s even a good idea if you have a strong vision of what you want.

But starting on the face, neck or hands because you saw a trend on social media is a bad idea.

Following a tattoo trend you saw on TikTok or Instagram and choosing a tattoo off the wall of a shop to have put on your face is the worst possible option.

Instead, have a custom piece done for you and that is reflective of you. And have it put somewhere other than your face, neck or hands and in a location you can build on as you continue your tattoo journey. 

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