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Written by Kieran Proctor

Is It Ok To Travel After Getting A Tattoo?



it is okay travel with a new tattoo

It’s perfectly fine to travel after getting a tattoo. People travel with fresh tattoos every day of the week. I’ve flown around the world on long haul flights several times with fresh tattoos.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling after getting a tattoo.

to Travel After a Tattoo Follow Proper Tattoo Aftercare Procedures

Whether you’re traveling a few blocks after a tattoo or you’re traveling around the world, proper tattoo aftercare matters.

You will need to remove the bandage applied by your tattooist within a few hours of your tattoo session. You will then need to clean the tattoo and apply a professional tattoo aftercare cream.

It’s important not to leave the cling film or plastic wrapping applied by your tattooist for too long. And once removed the excess blood, plasma and ink will need to be cleaned off. Ideally with a dedicated tattoo soap. Once clean your new tattoo will need to have a barrier coat of tattoo cream applied.

Mad Rabbit - Tattoo Safe Soap - Cleansing New Tattoo Soap
A dedicated tattoo soap.

Will Airport Germs affect My New Tattoo?

A proper tattoo salve acts as a barrier coat. It prevents your tattoo from drying out. And it prevents gunk from getting into your new tattoo.

Most of the dedicated tattoo creams and salves will have antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. Following proper tattoo aftercare procedures and with a dedicated tattoo cream or salve applied, it is perfectly okay to travel.

Airport germs will not affect your new tattoo if you’re following proper tattoo aftercare. And if you have a dedicated tattoo cream or salve applied to your new tattoo. It is okay to travel after getting a new tattoo.

Will TSA make Me Remove My Tattoo Bandage?

TSA and other airport authorities will likely make you remove your bandage at security. Yet, this isn’t a bad thing, as you shouldn’t be traveling with your tattoo bandaged.

Check-in for most flights is an hour before. And most flights are an hour or more in duration. Add to the two hour minimum for checking in and flying another hour minimum to disembark and get home, at which point you’ve had your tattoo bandaged for too long.

If your trip is longer than 3 hours you should remove the bandage and properly clean your new tattoo. And then apply a dedicated tattoo salve or tattoo cream. At which point you do not reapply a bandage. Fresh tattoos need to breathe once cleaned and a cream or salve is applied.

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