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Mad Rabbit Tattoo Numbing Cream

Use ‘TATTOOVAGABOND‘ for a 20% discount today!


Enjoy rapid and potent pain relief with our high-strength treatment cream containing 5% Lidocaine*. This powerful formula swiftly numbs the skin, providing fast-acting relief to affected areas.

Combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients with lightweight hydrators, our cream supports the skin’s natural barrier, soothing irritation and promoting optimal skin function at both the surface and deeper levels.

Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace the soothing effects of our advanced treatment cream.

Provides Fast-Acting Pain Relief
Numbs Areas Of Irritability
Absorbs Quickly Without Greasiness

Calms Visible Skin Inflammation Including Redness

Use ‘TATTOOVAGABOND‘ for a 20% discount today!

*5% Lidocaine is the strongest tattoo numbing agent allowable over the counter (OTC) by law.

Do the products work? Heck yes. I used them when I got my own blackout sleeve done on my right arm while I was in Germany. You can see it here.