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Written by Kieran Proctor

What Colors Should A Man Wear?

Mens Style


Darker colors are always a mans best friend. Black, dark navy and dark gray are your best options. White and lighter blues are acceptable too. But it depends on the garment and combination.

For example, black jeans and a white tee is manly. White jeans and a black tee is for the ladies to wear.

In contrast, when matching blacks and blues either is acceptable. A blue shirt with black jeans is manly. And blue jeans and a black tee is also manly. Black, dark blue, navy and dark gray are a mans best friend. They go well with any garment or outfit. And basic tees in these colors should be a staple in every mans closet. 

Basic Tee for Men

What colors should a man never wear?

Pinks, pastels or neon colors should be avoided. With that said, if the base color is darker and the garment uses pinks, pastels or neon colors as a highlight, or in small sections, then that’s generally okay. A splash of color on a darker garment is often a good choice to brighten up an outfit and draw attention.

Yet, you don’t want to wear large amounts of bright colors. A pink or red splash is good. A pink or red base colored garment is not. The main color of a mans garment should always be darker or earth toned. Salmon pink shirts don’t look good on any man.

Pinks and pastels in general, are not a good idea for a man to wear. Unless they are in small placements, on dark colored garments. 

Do women like it when a man wears pinks and pastel colors?

You shouldn’t wear pink or pastel colors, unless you’re looking to become a woman’s gay bestie. If you’re wanting to be in the friend zone, then light colors and pinks are acceptable.

If what you want is to be considered a potential partner, then darker colors are your best option. Though you should absolutely avoid anything in red or with red tones.

The ‘red effect’ as it’s called on the internet, is hokum. Red shirts or red pants, won’t make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

Yet, it may evoke undesirable feelings in the people around you. Look at any poisons label, stop light, stop sign or sign indicating somethings prohibited (no smoking sign) and you’ll see they’re almost always red.

People unconsciously associate red with danger, stop, no or prohibited. In contrast, blue is associated with the sky or ocean. It’s a calming color, whereas red puts people on edge. And a red shirt can contrast horribly with your skin tone, making you look like a tomato.

You can achieve an ‘edginess’ without looking like a stop sign or a tomato, by choosing a darker colored garment with a red highlight. Wear black or blue base colored garments. They go with every male skin tone and they are masculine and calming. And if you want an added ‘edginess’ look for t-shirts with red in the print.

Does the color of a tattoo sleeve influence what colors a man should wear?

No, your tattoos wont influence what color of clothing you should wear. You should aim for black, navy, dark blue, dark gray and white. With some earth tones (dark brown) accessories.

Even if you have a brightly colored tattoo sleeve, wearing hot pink, salmon pink or any other shade of pink, should be avoided.

Men who want to look ‘manly’ should adopt darker colors with the slight exception of blue and white shirts. Blue and white are ‘manly’ colors. Provided you’re not wearing light blue or white pants. Blues and whites are the only light colored shirts that you should own.

Should I wear a single color and material in an outfit?

Not necessarily. If you go for a single color, in a single shade, using the exact same material for an entire outfit, you can wind up looking strange.

If you want to wear all black, you should break it up with different shades and textures. Always match your leathers. But never match everything you wear in leather.

And certainly don’t wear all leather unless you’re planning to grow a handlebar mustache and adopt the pseudonym ‘big daddy’, while hanging around the local gay bar.

What’s a good shirt for a man to have in the closet?

A basic tee that fits a man properly and is in a darker color (black, dark blue or navy, dark gray). Basic tees in darker colors, should be a staple in every man’s closet.

They work well alone or paired with a flannel or denim over-shirt. They go well with jeans or shorts and under jackets.

A properly fitting basic tee, in darker colors, is my go to option. And they should be your go to clothing option also. That is, if you want to identify as a man and not self identify, as a human marshmallow.

Buy 3 and get the fourth free on basic tees that fit a man like they should. And they only come in ‘manly’ color options. 

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